1. BulletAgainst All Odds: Special Edition DVD

  2. BulletBig Daddy: Special Edition DVD

  3. BulletThe Blue Lagoon: Special Edition DVD

  4. BulletCentral Station: Special Edition DVD

  5. BulletCity of Lost Children: Special Edition DVD

  6. BulletCruel Intentions: Collector's Series DVD

  7. BulletEasy Rider: Collector's Series DVD

  8. BulletEight Millimeter: Special Edition DVD

  9. BulletFinding Graceland: Special Edition DVD

  10. BulletGhostbusters: Collector’s Series DVD

  11. BulletGo: Special Edition DVD

  12. BulletGuns of Navarone: Special Edition DVD

  13. BulletHard Eight: Special Edition DVD

  14. BulletHeavy Metal: Collector’s Series DVD

  15. BulletHis Girl Friday: Special Edition DVD

  16. BulletIdle Hands: Special Edition DVD

  17. BulletImmortal Beloved: Special Edition DVD

  18. BulletMr. Smith Goes to Washington: Special Edition DVD

  19. BulletMuppets from Space: Special Edition DVD

  20. BulletS.L.C. Punk: Special Edition DVD

  21. BulletSleepless in Seattle: Special Edition DVD

  22. BulletA Soldier’s Story: Special Edition DVD

  23. BulletThirteenth Floor: Special Edition DVD

Sony / Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment

Los Angeles, CA: 1998 – 2000

Independent DVD production services vendor for Home Entertainment divisions of Motion Picture Studios.

Senior DVD Consultant, Executive Producer

Executive produced multiple projects assigned to outside vendors, ensuring adherence to tight budgets and deadlines. Developed / advised on marketing strategies, including packaging details, collateral materials for retail and publicity, released through various media and distribution channels, to ensure maximum market impact. Established cooperative relationships with press, talent, agents and related industry insiders to promote brand value. Worked with marketing, sales, publicity and creative services departments to meet marketing objectives and to ensure consistency in product branding. Collaborated with filmmakers and studio executives to develop original programming, strategically designed to enhance the value and appeal of DVD releases.

  1. Selected Highlights:

  2. BulletHelped establish standards and templates for DVD titles, maximizing efficiency and consumer confidence.

  3. BulletProduced content for multiple DVD titles, winning 8 industry awards for titles produced during tenure.

  4. BulletWorked with publicity department to gain substantial coverage in both trade and consumer press for our titles.