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Bachelor of Arts in English and Comparative Literature

Digital Content Solutions Executive

Veteran digital entertainment industry executive, with astute market awareness, substantial industry contacts and keen market instincts seeks position that will that will draw on talents and allow for growth. Highly motivated, experienced and focused, with proven track record developing exceptional, award-winning and innovative content for mobile, broadband, DVD and DVD-ROM. Well-versed in multimedia entertainment product development from conception to successful conclusions. Exceptional at breaking down strategies into tactical plans and processes to achieve aggressive business goals (ROI). Exhibits excellent written and verbal communication skills with an aptitude for highly persuasive and effective presentations to media, studio executives and filmmakers. Established ability to lead cross-departmental teams to achieve project objectives and meet tight deadlines. Employs a collaborative management style, as well as proactive and inventive approach to problem-solving. Proven faculty for resourceful thinking that generates win-win outcomes and builds strategic alliances. Particularly effective at negotiating and collaborating with various stakeholders to produce win-win solutions. Superior grasp of technical as well as creative aspects of production.