1. BulletBecause of Winn-Dixie: Special Edition DVD

  2. BulletBratz The Video: Starrin' & Stylin': Special Edition DVD

  3. BulletEloise at Christmastime: Special Edition DVD

  4. BulletEloise at the Plaza: Special Edition DVD

  5. BulletFreaky Friday: The Original Classic, Special Edition DVD

  6. BulletGarden State: Special Edition DVD

  7. BulletGarfield The Movie: Special Edition DVD

  8. BulletStir of Echoes: Special Edition DVD

  9. BulletSwimming with Sharks: Special Edition DVD

  10. Bulletthe Simpsons: Bart Wars DVD

  11. Bulletthe Simpsons: Christmas 2 DVD

  12. Bulletthe Simpsons: The Complete Fourth Season DVD

  13. Bulletthe Simpsons: The Complete Fifth Season DVD

  14. Bulletthe Simpsons: The Complete Sixth Season DVD

  15. BulletYoung Black Stallion: Special Edition DVD

Ascent Media / Blink Digital

Santa Monica, CA: 2003 – 2005

Division specializing in DVD menus, Websites, DVD bonus features (commentaries, EPKs, interactive video, games, etc.)

Executive Producer

Selected to establish and lead the launch of DVD creative services division at Ascent. Collaborated with talent and studios to create original programming for multiple DVD releases. Directed division communications, while drawing upon extensive contacts with studios, talent and the press in order to cultivate brand value, enhance industry reputation and increase share of emergent market. Led new business development, contract bidding and negotiation efforts. Implemented systems to improve quality control and project management, increasing productivity and cost efficiency. Executive Produced proof-of-concept, searchable database Website of the Archive of American Television's® video collection, featuring video with synchronized transcripts running as subtitles. Assembled and led strong in-house teams: five direct reports; matrix responsibility for staff of 28.

  1. Selected Highlights:

  2. BulletSecured $2M+ in contracts within first year; $3.5M in second; 2005 contracts worth $10M+

  3. BulletExecutive produced content for multiple DVD titles, winning six industry awards for titles produced during tenure