Hello, you've landed on my personal website. I've listed a few things about my professional life here in case someone snoops this site after seeing the domain name in my email address. As you must have guessed by now, my name is Alita. I've been working in the digital content area of the entertainment industry for well over a decade. Sometimes that has meant being on the "bleeding edge," but much of my work has been working with major motion picture studios. I've produced numerous DVD titles, worked with a wide range of content platforms, including broadband, mobile, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and I built my first website back in the day when we had to design for 14.4 modems! My experience has provided me with a practical foundation in creative marketing & production of both traditional and interactive media.

Most of my work for the last couple of years has been in Web and mobile. While I’ve been doing Web development on and off since 1994, my substantial background in marketing and digital media production, of all kinds, gives me an advantage in the world of Web 2.0+, where video, interactivity, community and dynamic brand management play a larger role in success.

While working on the creative side of content production is part of my story, I have also spent much of my career building businesses, because when you're building for new landscapes, sometimes you have to clear some brush! Over the years I've brought millions of dollars into both small start-ups and large corporations by identifying and actuating new revenue streams.

I am seeking a permanent position that is well-suited to my background, skills and temperament. In the meantime, I have been providing comprehensive digital media solutions for various entertainment and advertising industry clients, including the Criterion Collection, Omelet LA, Organa and Janus Films. Recently, my focus has been on digital marketing and merchandising strategies. Areas of expertise include broadband video, mobile (SMS and WAP), content management (CMS), interactive community features, social networking, search engine strategies (SEM) and (SEO), e-commerce, viral marketing, widgets and games.